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Auto Reply QXU is an application for Android, which automatically reply to a missed call with an email, a text message, or both, in the email message indicates the location of where you are and tells if you are driving or walking or if you're in a meeting, Auto Reply QXU only respond in case of missed call to people who you want to be sent to the answer by selecting from your contacts.

If a person of your family does not answer calls, with Auto Reply QXU you know where you can find at the time, and if is traveling.
If your boss does not answer the phone, you can know where it is at that moment, if is still traveling, or attending a meeting.
If you're driving your car, you can advise callers with auto-answer and call as soon as you will be stopped.

Simply do not want to answer? Auto Reply QXU does it for you.

You could also use application to find position of your device in case of lost.

On this website you will find the instructions and the user license.

You can download the application from the Google Market or by this QR code:



Enjoy QXU.



Auto Reply Missed Call QXU / Android